A True, Boogie Shakin', Second Line, New Orleans Style Brass Band !
Roots Rhythm & Blues On Shoe Leather !
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The Perseverance Brass Band plays "BRASS ROOTS JAZZ"™ - the music from which all other jazz forms arose. Over 100 years ago, brass bands playing in New Orleans started "ragging" and syncopating marches and popular songs.

Formed in 1987 by trombonist/vocalist Kid Dutch, The Perseverance Brass Band has been a featured act at Universal Studios' Mardi Gras. The band has performed in commercials and art and jazz festivals throughout the Southeast. And yes, upon request, they even play the famous New Orleans "
jazz funerals" for those who wish to be laid to rest in style!

The Perseverance Brass Band continues the tradition with tunes ranging from marches to spirituals, from ragtime to rhythm & blues. The band is great for any event you want to turn into a party: grand openings, picnics, conventions, July 4th celebrations, Mardi Gras parties, parades, festivals, patriotic events.

It's roots jazz with a high energy and soulfulness that appeals to young and old!

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The Whoopin' Blues
Four Leaf Clover
The Old Rugged Cross
March Salutation
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
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