Who Is Kid Dutch, Anyway?

click here for a full size picture Jazzman, Bluesman, Bandleader, Entertainer, Engineer, Vocalist, Multi-Instrumentalist, World Traveller, Raconteur, Early Jazz Historian, Vintage Wind Instrument Expert, and all-round-swell-guy, Kid Dutch is many things to many people.

After several decades stay in New York and Florida, Kid Dutch was born in Fritzel's bar, in New Orleans Louisiana, of English and Mississippi-Dutch parentage ( Dr. S. Snyder presiding).

Fluent in jazz vocalizing, trombone, tuba, trumpet, euphonium, bass drum, scat singing, and da' floogie language, he has been active in the music business since 1978. His favorite arranger is Les Izmoore.


"Kid Dutch is steeped in jazz and blues history and is a font of knowledge regarding composers, styles and attributions. Above and beyond the scholarship, he is able to transcend the jazz tradition and create and perform vivid, exuberant and vivacious crowd pleasers.

In the manner that audiences did not relate to Louis Armstrong, Dizzie Gillespie or Count Basie as merely jazz performers, Kid Dutch has an evocative and abundant repertoire that dazzles and amuses listeners swept up into the flowing rhythms and sonorous sounds."
- Dr. Ken Rabac, WUCF-FM



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